| Nov 14, 2006

La New 'Bears' it all as yakyu season ends


Online Nichibei Yakyu and even the Konami Cup Asia Series are in the books, and now, the E-List is heading into that baseball-less period we lovers of cowhide and horsehide alike prefer to think of as hibernation. Bears have the right idea, especially those indigenous ...

| Nov 2, 2006

'Babe Factor' puts butts in Sapporo seats


SAPPORO -- The Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters have already won the first two Japan Series games played on the northern island, and they are about to win its first championship.More than 41,000 people have come out for each postseason game at Sapporo Dome, and ...

| Oct 17, 2006

Dragons win CL with 'Girl Power' formula


YOKOHAMA -- When no challenge exists, for some, the answer is to manufacture one. Call it the Teenage Girl Syndrome -- when there isn't enough drama in a given situation, never underestimate a moody 16-year-old girl's ability to create some, and fast. As the Central ...

| Jun 15, 2006

Can CL train keep a rollin'?


As if by clockwork, the Central League standings have emerged from a humdrum one-star show featuring the Yomiuri Giants to a three-dog race with Chunichi and Hanshin poking their heads in -- and Yakult not out of it either. The E-List loves competition, parity, ...

| Jun 11, 2006

Fun in kitchen with half-baked Central League


The Central League's other shoe finally hit the floor. When CL officials came out with the line about finally staging a postseason, the E-List knew something strange was afoot, something strange and sinister. Something left-handed, as Rico Brogna's dad could tell you. The Pacific League playoffs ...

| May 31, 2006

Giants need to change their World Cup


With a case of jet lag to boot, the E-List spent last week in the Japanese baseball infirmary, where the List shared a room with Koji Uehara, who is desperately needed as the Yomiuri Giants have officially squandered their massive early season lead. Even Jeremy ...

| May 17, 2006

A WBC curse for Matsui?


No one should hate Hideki Matsui. Save that for the New York Yankees as a whole and for George Steinbrenner, who can be a decent guy if you're a schoolkid from Iowa. But for the part of the world not obsessed with the Bronx ...

| May 10, 2006

Interleague play on the horizon


Japanese baseball is getting ready to roll into Interleague play. The novel concept has done a lot for scheduling in Nippon Professional Baseball, as six-team leagues can get pretty tired of each other after a couple months of the usual slate of opponents. The E-List ...

| May 3, 2006

Konishiki, Kiyohara and a collared shirt


The E-List digs fancy threads, and for a sharp-dressed man, look no further than Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters outfielder Tsuyoshi Shinjo. Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters outfielder Tsuyoshi Shinjo in his collared shirt during a game against the Fukuoka Softbank Hawks April 30. Shinjo -- more ...

| Apr 12, 2006

Checking out Seibu's early glory run


The E-List could fill a few thimbles with Japanese baseball knowledge, but not enough to be pompous. And now it is time to put the List's first serving of humble pie on the table. Hideaki Wakui Documented only in the List's internal monologue (try wrapping your ...