FINA may move ’17 championships

The 2017 world swimming championships to be held in Guadalajara may be moved to another city in Mexico, FINA said on Thursday.

“In principle, it is Guadalajara but we don’t know yet. We will know definitively in some months,” said Julio Maglione, president of the swimming governing body.

In 2011, Guadalajara was awarded the right to host the biennial competition.

“For us the city is Guadalajara, but nevertheless if the Mexican authorities want to choose somewhere else we have to look at it and consider it,” FINA executive director Cornel Marculescu said.

On Friday, FINA will announce the host cities for the 2019 and 2021 worlds. The candidates are Budapest, the United Arab Emirates, Gwangju in South Korea, and Baku in Azerbaijan.

  • perro

    Why move it? Guadalajara has the infrastructure and experience to host such events. It would be unwise due to the fact that many USD millions were spent on adequate venues and that money would be thrown away just because some politican wants to promote his hometown.