In an appeal filed with the government-backed Riken research institute on April 8 and at a news conference the next day, embattled scientist Dr. Haruko Obokata countered a Riken investigation committee's assertion that she committed research misconduct on two points in one of two papers that purported to describe the discovery of "STAP" pluripotent cells. But her attempt to justify her research and papers has left many questions to be answered.

In a nutshell, she said that because she had no malicious intent, she neither fabricated nor manipulated research data. She seems to presume that the very presentation of data in science papers need not be beyond reproach. Her explanations have underscored her naivete as a science researcher.

At the news conference, she insisted that STAP cells exist. If so, it is imperative that she disclose all relevant data and come up with concrete and convincing evidence. The best way to expel suspicions would be for Obokata to produce STAP cells in a transparent environment.