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Regarding Masamichi Yabuki’s Dec. 4 letter, “A MacArthur view revisited“: There have been other unjust omissions and, worse, derogatory statements made about American Gen. Douglas MacArthur, especially regarding his role in bringing about Japan’s revised constitution during the early months of the Occupation.

Few people know the real story of how the general saved Japan from a disaster such as the Russians orchestrated in Europe. Certainly the new constitution wasn’t perfect, but considering it has not been revised for over 65 years — during which Japan has prospered — it ranks as one of the best in the world.

I may offend some Japanese by saying this, but if it had not been for the quick enactment of the constitution, which was essentially by fiat, Japanese politicians and lawmakers would still be debating its provisions. I had the honor of serving in the general’s personal security unit in Tokyo and, in my later life, have been an avid student of his life’s work.

I have written three books about him including, recently, “Gen. MacArthur’s Ploy: The Shaping of Japan’s Constitution.”

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david valley

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