I am happy that the government is helping out students who lost so much money after the chain of Nova language schools closed last fall. But I have seen few signs of the government caring for the teachers who were left out in the cold.

Many students could go home in their cars and complain to their families about their problems. For some ex-teachers, there was little outlet, and the landlords who wanted them out of apartments tossed them out like garbage. Students got angry with teachers and staff even though the Nova crash wasn’t their fault. For some teachers, there was no way back home to their respective countries. I personally waited and waited for the government to help out in some manner before Nova crashed. Instead it just let Nova fall.

Again, I am glad that students are getting some sort of deal, because many lost a lot of money. But my wish is that the government give more attention to the former teachers/employees of Nova who were blocked by bureaucracy even from getting back part of the money they were owed.

There are real horror cases out there among some ex-Nova teachers. Some were relying on Nova to help them earn money to return home one day. Now they’re stuck in this country with no money and no job and no one to help them. Anything from the government to ex-Nova teachers/employees about what to do would be nice. But maybe that’s too much for a foreigner to ask.

name withheld