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Burkinis on beaches stoke France's long debate on secularism

Burkinis vs. bikinis. Beneath the clash over how to dress, or undress, on the beaches of France simmers an issue that for decades has divided the nation, and grown more complex in this time of terrorism. At least a dozen towns have banned body-covering burkini swimwear favored by some Muslim ...

Aug 27, 2016

Top French court rules burkini bans violate basic freedoms

France’s top administrative court Friday overturned a ban on burkinis in a Mediterranean beach resort, effectively meaning that towns can no longer issue bans on the swimsuits that have divided the country and brought world attention to its fraught relationship with Muslims. The ruling ...

Beach clashes lead to third French burqini ban

Aug 16, 2016

Beach clashes lead to third French burqini ban

A mayor on the French island of Corsica on Monday announced the nation’s third ban on burqinis, following weekend clashes allegedly sparked by a row over the full-body Islamic swimsuit. The announcement by the mayor of the village of Sisco follows similar prohibitions in ...