The Children and Families Agency on Wednesday outlined planned legislation obliging schools and nursery schools to check whether staff members have any sex offense records in an effort to protect children.

The agency aims to submit the bill to the ongoing parliamentary session.

According to the bill, sex crime records will be checked not only for people applying to work but also for those who are already working.

People with a record of sex crimes will not be hired or will be assigned to work that does not involve contact with children. Staff members for whom a transfer is difficult could be allowed to be dismissed, agency officials said. The agency will issue guidelines on dismissals.

The bill also requires schools to implement training programs for employees, hold interviews with children and develop consulting systems.

The government will certify cram schools, sports clubs and babysitter agencies once they voluntarily confirm whether their workers have sex crime records. If certified, they will be obliged to take steps to safeguard children.

Employers will be allowed to check whether employees and job seekers have a history of sex crimes for 20 years for those who have been imprisoned and 10 years for those who have faced fines or lighter penalties.

The Children and Families Agency held a briefing session on the bill with the ruling Liberal Democratic Party on Wednesday. The LDP plans to compile its own proposal on the matter next week.