A Japanese man has been detained in Indonesia for allegedly committing investment fraud in Japan, the Southeast Asian country's immigration bureau said Wednesday.

Yusuke Yamazaki, former president of a farm company in Okayama Prefecture, had been wanted since 2021. He left Japan in February 2020 to go to Hong Kong.

The Indonesian immigration office on Batam Island, near Singapore, said in a statement that local police stopped Yamazaki, who was on the way to Malaysia on Jan. 31. He was on a wooden boat with six other people on board.

The police said Yamazaki, who was using a false name, did not have any identification documents on him, and he was handed over to the immigration office on Feb. 2, according to the statement.

The immigration office said the Directorate General Immigration and the National Police Headquarters in Jakarta later discovered his real name and that he had entered Indonesia on April 2, 2021.

Beginning in 2015, Yamazaki, 43, along with some of his employees at Nishiyama Farm, allegedly defrauded dozens of people by soliciting investment in a fruit resale business, according to Japanese investigators.