Over 60% of companies in Japan have a positive stance on using generative artificial intelligence in their operations, according to a survey by credit research company Teikoku Databank published Tuesday.

In the survey, 9.1% of companies polled said that they are utilizing generative AI in their operations, and 52.0% said that they are considering using the technology.

Meanwhile, 23.3% said that they are not considering the use of generative AI in their operations, reflecting concerns over data breaches, according to the online survey, conducted for four days through Thursday. Valid responses came from 1,380 companies.

The share of firms utilizing generative AI came to 13.1% among large companies and 8.5% among small and midsize companies.

The survey also showed that the proportion of companies that have compiled internal rules on the use of the AI technology stood at only 1.2%.

Restrictions on the use of generative AI would have more disadvantages than advantages as long as common safety precautions, such as no input of personal information, are followed, said an official of a real estate company covered by the survey.

The survey also showed that 37.8% of companies said that although they are considering utilizing generative AI, they do not have specific ideas for using the technology in their operations.

An official of a transportation machinery manufacturer said that the company has no ideas about ways to use generative AI and that it has no employees well versed in the technology.

The proportion of companies that have no plans to utilize generative AI from now stood at 17.7%, while 5.6% of companies answered that the use of generative AI is not allowed.

While there is much hoopla about the potential of generative AI, it is expected to take some more time to use the technology in business, Teikoku Databank said.