The parents of a 16-year-old Japanese high school student who was shot dead in Louisiana in 1992 hope the younger generation will carry on their decadeslong fight for U.S. gun control as they marked on Tuesday the 30th anniversary of their son's fatal shooting.

Masaichi and Mieko Hattori, whose son Yoshihiro was shot by the owner of a house that he mistakenly went to for a Halloween party in Baton Rouge on Oct. 17, 1992, are soon retiring from their work in calling for enhanced U.S. gun control measures.

Expressing hope that the next generation will be proactive in leading the fight, Masaichi, 75, said, "I hope they will reach out more to U.S. politicians." His 74-year-old wife said the couple would now have the time to deal with their son's death in their own way.