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Name: Kyi Min Khant
University: Sophia University
Faculty: Faculty of Liberal Arts
Department: Department of Liberal Arts
Year: Third
Country: Myanmar

As a top international university in Japan, Sophia University attracts students both domestically and internationally with its unique environment, curriculum and support for students.

I have always been amazed by the existing learning environment at Sophia. During my early semesters, I was able to improve my English skills and critical thinking skills by leaps and bounds thanks to excellent English professors. Afterward, I have been able to pursue my studies in my major with the help of professors who are active and outstanding in their research fields. In classrooms, the vast majority of students are either those keen to learn about foreign cultures or those who have experience living abroad. Studying with them, therefore, gives me access to an infinite amount of cultural knowledge.

Sophia has given me other extraordinary experiences through its unique education system. In the Faculty of Liberal Arts which I belong to, we can take classes in different majors within the same faculty. In my case, as a social studies major, I can take literature and business classes in other majors. This enables me not only to explore my interest in different majors, but also to expand my network of peers. As a Japanese language lover, I have been learning Japanese and I find Japanese classes at Sophia highly productive and efficient. I have been taking them to enhance my Japanese skills and deepen my understanding of Japanese culture. I am confident that my learning experience at Sophia will earn me numerous educational and career opportunities in the future.

Sophia provides a large number of scholarships and also helps students to receive scholarships from private organizations. Without any scholarships, my education at Sophia would be impossible. I am fortunate to have received generous scholarship assistance since my freshman year. I am extremely grateful that I can focus on my studies without having to worry about my financial situation.

I feel honored and thankful for the wonderful support and unforgettable experiences I am receiving at Sophia University. They make my university student life fruitful, worthwhile and full of excitement.

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