Rasuka, Japan's oldest sea otter in captivity, has died at the age of 25 — equivalent to around 100 in human years — the aquarium in Ishikawa Prefecture, where she was raised, said Sunday.

According to Notojima Aquarium in Ishikawa, she began losing her appetite around last winter. The life expectancy of sea otters is usually between 15 and 20 years.

Feeding shows for Rasuka, who was brought to Japan from the U.S. state of Alaska in October 1998, began at the aquarium in 1999.

The aquarium will exhibit photos of Rasuka in its sea otter tank area until Sept. 27, with visitors allowed to lay flowers.

Lucky, a 22-year-old male sea otter at Suma Aqualife Park Kobe in Hyogo Prefecture is now believed to be the country's oldest sea otter in captivity, Notojima Aquarium and other sources said.