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Poll shows nearly 40% back Osaka merger plan; 24% oppose


Nearly 40 percent of the public nationwide approve of the Osaka merger plan, far exceeding those who oppose it, an opinion poll said.

As many as 14.5 percent of respondents clearly support the plan to realign the Osaka Municipal Government into special districts in a bid to improve administrative efficiency, according to the survey.

A further 24.4 percent support the plan to some extent, with the total share of supporters standing at 38.9 percent, according to the survey, which was conducted over four days through Monday.

The survey also found that 8.1 percent clearly oppose the plan and 15.5 percent oppose it to some extent. The combined percentage stood at 23.6 percent.

Political group Osaka Ishin no Kai, whose pet policy is the merger plan, won the Osaka gubernatorial and mayoral races in April and the Sakai mayoral election in Osaka Prefecture in May.

The prefectural chapter of Komeito, which initially disapproved of the plan, has recently agreed to work with Osaka Ishin toward its realization.

Among respondents who support the Liberal Democratic Party, whose local chapter is divided over the metropolis plan, 44.5 percent support the plan, including those who back it to some extent.

Meanwhile, those who oppose the plan clearly or somewhat totaled 23.3 percent.

The percentage of Komeito supporters who approve of the plan stood at 27.3 percent, including those who are somewhat supportive, matching the percentage for total opponents.

Among respondents who support Nippon Ishin no Kai, Osaka Ishin’s national party, the total approval rate for the metropolis plan reached 86.7 percent.

The interview survey was conducted on 2,000 people 18 or over nationwide. Valid answers came from 62.8 percent.

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