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Mitsubishi Chemical to ban employees from smoking during work hours, wherever they are


Mitsubishi Chemical Corp. said Tuesday that it will ban employees from smoking during working hours, an unusual move for a major Japanese chemical company.

The ban, slated to go into effect from next April, is aimed at protecting employees from secondhand smoke, said the core subsidiary of Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corp.

All employees of the subsidiary will be required to refrain from smoking during working hours, including when working from home and during business trips.

The company will also remove smoking spaces from all domestic offices and plants under its management.

Mitsubishi Chemical will ask employees of other companies who enter its facilities for maintenance and other purposes not to smoke within the premises.

According to an in-house survey in 2017, 60 percent of Mitsubishi Chemical’s smokers who responded said they “need to quit smoking.” The company hopes to create a working environment that will help such employees kick their smoking habit.