The Council for Cultural Affairs has recommended three people be designated as living national treasures.

They are kimono fabric dyer Yasumasa Komiya, 62, noh drummer Takashi Kakihara, 77, and chinkin (gold-inlay lacquerware) artisan Kazuo Yamagishi, 64.

The council made the recommendation Friday to Yoshimasa Hayashi, the education and cultural affairs minister. The number of people with the status, granted to preservers of important intangible cultural properties, will rise to 113 if the three are confirmed.

Komiya’s father and grandfather also were awarded the status in the field of Edo komon (fine hand-dyed kimono patterns). His family will be the first to see the status given to three consecutive generations.

Komiya studied under his late father, Yasutaka, inheriting techniques from his late grandfather Sadakichi. He is highly rated for his sophisticated dyeing skills and ability to make intricate patterns on fabric, drawing 40 stripes or more in a width of about 3 cm.

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