The education ministry plans to establish a system that allows students at some 50 high schools to take university courses for credit, with the aim of developing human resources ahead of the advances expected in artificial intelligence.

Advanced differential equations, data mining and other subjects in mathematics and science will be covered by the advanced placement system, which is used in the United States and other countries, ministry officials said.

The ministry is set to choose at least one high school from each of Japan’s 47 prefectures over the next decade or so to adopt the program.

The initiative was included in a report compiled by a ministry panel discussing education policies for coming generations.

The ministry hopes the system will allow highly motivated high school students with excellent academic performance achieve even higher levels of education after entering university. It expects the students to take the university courses at their schools or online.

To nurture personnel who can play active roles internationally, the ministry also plans to establish a mandatory program to have AP students study abroad, and another program allowing Japanese high school students and international students to take classes together in English.

Details of the system, including the universities where the acquired credits can be applied, will be discussed later, the officials said.

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