• Kyodo


A Kagoshima man who has confessed to murdering five people was served a fresh arrest warrant on Saturday for two of the slayings.

Tomohiro Iwakura, 38, was arrested on April 7 for allegedly murdering neighbor Hiroyuki Goto, 47. He is now suspected of murdering his father, Masatomo, 68, and his grandmother Hisako, 89, sometime between March 31 and April 6 at the grandmother’s home in Hioki, Kagoshima Prefecture.

He is also suspected of ditching their bodies in a mountainous area about 400 meters away, according to the police.

Iwakura denied intent to murder but admitted to killing them and transporting their bodies in Masatomo Iwakura’s vehicle, the police said.

He also confessed to killing two aunts — Takako Iwakura, 69, and Kuniko Sakaguchi, 72.

Iwakura told the police he was annoyed by his grandmother’s nagging him for not having a regular job, investigative sources said, citing it as a possible motive for the murders.

Police found the aunts and Goto at the grandmother’s home on the afternoon of April 6. They suspect the three were attacked by Iwakura when they came to check on her, the sources said.

After arresting him, the police found the bodies of Hisako and Masatomo Iwakura on April 8, based on the suspect’s confessions.

Acquaintances and others around Iwakura say he may have been socially isolated.

His lawyer quoted him as saying, “I had no one to speak to.”

Neighbors said Iwakura moved to the area when he was in elementary school and dropped out of high school after his parents divorced. He served in the Self-Defense Forces for a year and has since taken several different jobs.

In recent years, Iwakura worked various jobs for months at a time but quit after making some money. He was living in an apartment owned by his grandmother near her home and would visit her a few times a month to watch TV and collect small amounts of money — ¥10,000 ($92) or less — from her on some occasions, they said.