Hoping to turn golden oldies into silver, Nintendo Co. is to relaunch its hit Famicom gaming console, 33 years after the device first gripped the nation.

The new version has a similar appearance but is significantly smaller than the original.

Named Nintendo Classic Mini Family Computer, it will come loaded with 30 retro games, including "Super Mario Bros.," "The Legend of Zelda" and "Donkey Kong."

Launched in 1983, the original sold more than 60 million units worldwide. It was known overseas as the Nintendo Entertainment System and is considered the ancestor of modern-day products such as the PlayStation and Xbox.

The company decided to reissue the console in response to requests from older customers. It also hopes it will attract new fans from the younger generation.

Original Famicom game cartridges cannot be used with the new system.

Users can plug the console into a television or PC monitor and play the games with a pair of controllers.

The device will hit stores in Japan on Nov. 10 with a recommended sales price of ¥6,458 ($63). Gamers will need to fork out an extra ¥1,080 for a power adapter.

The console will also launch overseas under the name NES Classic Edition.