A 19-year-old male in Nagoya has been arrested for allegedly threatening to kill a key figure in the SEALDs student group fighting the Abe administration's security legislation.

According to police, the suspect has admitted to sending a threatening letter to Aki Okuda, a 23-year-old Meiji Gakuin University student and a leading figure in Students Emergency Action for Liberal Democracy.

The police quoted the youth, whose name is being withheld because he is a minor, as saying "I did it to relieve my stress."

According to the police, the letter also contained a death threat against Okuda's family.

The police and Meiji Gakuin said a different university received the letter Sept. 24 and reported it to Meiji Gakuin. Okuda filed a complaint with the police over the incident the following month.

SEALDs, which was launched in May, gained prominence in the protest movement against the security legislation, which the group and others believe undermines the war-renouncing Constitution.

Okuda expressed his opposition to the legislation during a public hearing in the Diet on Sept. 15. The controversial laws, aimed at expanding the role of the Self-Defense Forces overseas, were enacted Sept. 19.