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A woman found apparently slain Monday in a Jakarta apartment has been identified as a 28-year-old Japanese who lived in the unit, a local police officer said.

Mudiran, the detective unit chief of a local police precinct in South Jakarta, told reporters Wednesday the body was that of Yoshimi Nishimura, an employee of Yamaha Motor Indonesia Manufacturing, an Indonesian-Japanese joint venture that manufactures motorcycles.

The woman’s mother broke into tears upon identifying her body during a 30-minute identification process in a funeral room of the Cipto Mangunkusumo General Hospital that was also attended by Nishimura’s father and witnessed by Indonesian and Japanese police, staff of the Japanese Embassy and a Yamaha employee.

“When I arrived at the funeral room, the mother had still not believed that the body was her daughter’s,” Mudiran said. Earlier, a forensic doctor said the body had decomposed beyond recognition.

The officer told the mother about three rings that police found inside her unit at Casa Grande Apartment that might belong to Nishimura.

“She started to believe that the body belonged to her daughter after I told her that she was wearing an anklet when her body was found. And when I told her about a piercing on her belly button and that her thumb of her right foot is shorter than her index finger, she broke into tears,” Mudiran said.

Nishimura was found dead Monday morning by three witnesses, including her driver and a security officer of the apartment, after efforts to contact her since Saturday had failed.

Police said the woman was suspected to have been murdered by a man based on analysis of surveillance camera footage from a lobby of the apartment. Jakarta police spokesman Mohammad Iqbal said police are now hunting for the perpetrator.

“We already have his identity, but we don’t want to reveal it now as it may disrupt the process of investigation,” Iqbal said.

He said the security camera, which is set up only in the lobby, had recorded footage of Nishimura coming downstairs to complain about a problem with the door of her apartment unit.

In the footage, she is seen talking to a man in the lobby before they entered an elevator together. The man never reappeared in the lobby.

“We couldn’t find any legal documents, such as passport and temporary resident card, nor any cellular phone, apartment key and money in her apartment. We only found her office badge,” Mudiran said.

He added that blood was found on her bed linen, pillow and blanket.

Nishimura had joined Yamaha only three months ago. She lived alone in Jakarta.

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