Osaka bans street touts in Umeda, Dotonbori districts

Staff Report

A new ordinance banning street touts who lure customers into restaurants and bars, often by promising them discounts and then charging exorbitant sums of money, went into effect in designated areas of the city of Osaka on Wednesday.

While there are already strict regulations on the touts working in front of sex establishments, game centers, and karaoke boxes, the new Osaka ordinance covers all types of businesses, including restaurants and host bars catering to women.

Under the new rules, touts will not be allowed to assemble in the city’s Umeda and Dotonbori entertainment districts and target individuals with their sales pitches.

Violators will face a ¥50,000 fine. However, activities such as passing out flyers or calling out to general passers-by will still be permitted.

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