1,200 bureaucratic positions face ax


The Abe administration is considering cutting the number of national public servants, excluding Self-Defense Forces personnel, by 1,200 in fiscal 2014, according to government sources.

The number of national public servants for the current fiscal year is set at 298,341.

Although the administration plans an increase of 3,900 personnel for some agencies, including the Japan Coast Guard and the Foreign Ministry, next year, it will cut 5,100 positions in other departments, the sources said.

In the five years through fiscal 2014, the number of national civil servants would be cut by a total of 32,200, compared with a targeted reduction of 30,244.

Of the personnel increases, 320 people will be added to the Japan Coast Guard to tighten maritime security and 136 will be allocated to the Foreign Ministry, mainly to boost staff numbers at diplomatic missions overseas, the sources said.

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