War museum may scale back on Japan aggression


A war museum funded by Osaka Prefecture and the city of Osaka has unveiled a proposal to put more emphasis on air raids against the city, raising the possibility that display content on Japanese aggression during World War II may be reduced.

The Osaka International Peace Center has three exhibition rooms, with one focusing on the air raids of 1945, one covering the period from the 1931 Mukden Incident — often called the Manchurian Incident by Westerners — to the end of World War II, and one on the pursuit of peace.

In the World War II room covering the “15-Year War,” the museum addresses such subjects as Japan’s invasions of various Asian countries, Koreans forcibly taken to Japan as laborers and the Nanjing Massacre.

Since the museum opened in 1991, these displays have been criticized by conservative groups as presenting “masochistic” views of Japanese history.

Under the renewal plan, the museum would stop using the term “15-Year War” and instead present “displays focused on Osaka that would allow children to think about peace from their perspective,” according to an official with the museum.

It plans to present how people lived during the war, the extent of the damage, and reconstruction after the war. Specific content will be decided sometime during the current fiscal year.

The museum got about ¥84 million in subsidies from the municipal and prefectural governments in fiscal 2012, providing nearly 90 percent of its revenue.

The renewal proposal has been compiled by four supervising committee members, including Shinya Hashizume, a professor at Osaka Prefecture University who also serves as a special adviser to the city.

  • What a pathetic shallow idea, really deplorable.
    The contracting party of aggression has to weigh their “ugly side” more than their “victimized side” in a matter of course, it is not for any discussion that which one we have to take care of.
    Thus actual work for making our children stay out of bad memories, is always proceeding like this, for 68 years, as I’ve ever been telling, and accelerating recently, just by taking a more outstanding measure.
    I’m much disgusted by such effects of a bad side of our own trait, yes this is some outcome of Japanese particularity, deep related to 和=Wa, as it worked for the war and aggression before, but just nothing I can do.
    I imagine how people of the world might be astonished if only they knew that Japanese Netouyo guys are taking German issues to be something convenient, as “they didn’t make a true apology, it was not such a full apology, then Japan doesn’t have to be ashamed of not making an official statement, we have nothing to get accused about any apology issue”.

    • disqus_Gvs3G32z1K

      Indeed. To my knowledge, this is one of the few places within Japan that currently displays Japan’s role as an aggressor during those times. Such a change to the center would be an incredible loss and an insult to the countries affected by the war.