Japan women near bottom of barrel


Japan has one of the lowest scores in the Asia-Pacific region in terms of socioeconomic opportunities for women, according to MasterCard’s latest Index of Women’s Advancement released Wednesday.

Japan was second-lowest on the index, which measures the socioeconomic standing of women in 14 Asia-Pacific economies. New Zealand topped the index with an overall score of 77.8, followed by Australia, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Vietnam, Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar, South Korea, Japan and India.

Japan scored 48.1 and China 61.5.

Japan had relatively high scores of 83.1 in terms of employment and 94.5 in terms of education for women, but had the worst score in terms of leadership positions for women in the public and private sectors, at just 14.2.

The scores show the ratio of women to every 100 men. A score under 100 indicates gender inequality in favor of men.

In contrast, China scored 83.8 for employment, 100 for education and 27.8 for leadership positions.

Overall, the annual survey launched in 2005 showed women still face barriers to leadership positions in the government and private sector across the Asia-Pacific.

While more women have access to job opportunities and tertiary education in the region, there are still barriers preventing them from taking top government and private-sector positions.

  • Graeme

    Ridiculous , china 100% for education ????

  • UunoH

    “China 100 per cent for educatuon”. Thsi simply means here that there are as many women as men in educational instituions. It si easy to check and I can only say that China is very near to that percent.

  • Evan Rogers

    Studies like this don’t really take into account whether or not the women actually WANT those jobs.

    I’m sure many do, but culture is culture.

    I love it when liberals (no I’m not a conservative, save your breath) have to come to terms with the fact that their love for “culture” always comes into contrast with their love for “equality”.

  • women have jobs but not in leadership sector

  • Ed Gil

    Evan, do you live in Asia? Have you ever even traveled to Asia? I’ve lived here for 11 years and can tell you that women here would very much like to have those jobs if they were made available to them. Japan is still very much a patriarchal country. Your comment is totally inaccurate.

    • NZJ

      Yes, some women would. Others enjoy going shopping and spending money that other people earn. Both genders can be good at playing culturally defined roles.

      • Yeah, this is a really curly one. I’ve lived in Nagoya, Japan for 4 years now and I have yet to meet a woman here who really, overtly wants to take on a leadership role. But it’s not just a gender issue – perhaps we should also be asking why there are hardly any males under the age of 50 who are respected for their knowledge, business acumen or leadership skills either (not including so-called ‘TV talents’).This is pretty much how it stands, just to give you an example – there was a special on TV this morning to commemorate the 2011 Tohoku disaster, with a commentary team of 4 in one of the obliterated towns. Two of these ‘experts’ were males in their 60’s, one was slightly younger (the poster boy) and then there was one young female whose only task the entire (2 hour) duration was to smile and change the diagrammatic boards she was holding on cue… she never said a single word.