Prosecutors seek noose for alleged triple boyfriend killer


Prosecutors demanded the death penalty Monday for a woman charged with killing three ex-boyfriends in 2009 and disguising their deaths as carbon monoxide poisonings.

In their closing arguments at the lay judge trial presided over by Kazuyuki Okuma at the Saitama District Court, prosecutors said Kanae Kijima, 37, has shown no remorse over the deaths.

Kijima pleaded not guilty. She said the men either committed suicide after arguing with her over their breakups, or died by accident.

The prosecutors said the defendant began dating the men because she wanted to live in luxury, then killed them so they couldn’t demand repayment. They also said she took money from one of the men’s bank accounts.

They also pointed out that all three died of carbon monoxide poisoning, and claimed that Kijima prepared the coal briquettes and stoves herself and would meet with the men until just before their deaths.

Despite the absence of direct evidence linking Kijima to the crimes, such as witness testimony or even a confession, the prosecutors said these factors are sufficient proof of her guilt.

The bodies were found from January to August 2009. Takao Terada, 53, and Kenzo Ando, 80, were found dead at their homes in Tokyo and Chiba Prefecture, while Yoshiyuki Oide, 41, was found in a rental car in Saitama.

The indictment said Kijima used the briquettes and stoves to disguise the slayings as suicides.

Kijima’s defense team will make its final argument Tuesday. The court will rule on April 13.