Todai to discuss fall enrollment


The University of Tokyo will call on other national universities to join talks on its plan to switch the start of its academic year from spring to fall, its president said Friday.

“We will individually provide information for regional state-run universities and call on them to join discussions,” said Junichi Hamada, who heads the university known locally as Todai.

Regarding many other universities, particularly teacher-training colleges, that are disinclined to start their school years in autumn, Hamada said he does not think all universities should switch to fall enrollment in a uniform manner.

“If spring enrollment and fall enrollment coexist for the time being, the country’s universities would be rich in variety,” he said.

Hamada also said his university will set up an in-house panel possibly next month to study how to deal with problems many students would face in the expected gap year, such as their status and academic programs after graduation from high schools in March.

“We hear various opinions (on the gap year) that I think are very important,” Hamada said. “I want corporations among other parties to discuss this with us.”