SDP head criticizes Kan's possible dispatch of SDF to Korean Peninsula


Mizuho Fukushima, leader of the tiny opposition Social Democratic Party, on Sunday criticized Prime Minister Naoto Kan’s idea of possibly dispatching the Self-Defense Forces to the Korean Peninsula to rescue Japanese in the event of a contingency there.

“This is appalling,” Fukushima said in a speech in Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture. “If the Self-Defense Forces are dispatched (to the peninsula), they might plunge into war.”

She said she has “great apprehensions” that some members of the ruling Democratic Party of Japan are enthused about doing things that the Liberal Democratic Party did not do while it ruled the country almost continuously for more than 50 years until last year when it was toppled by the DPJ.

On Friday, Kan told the families of Japanese nationals abducted by North Korea that the government will compile a plan to rescue the abductees in the event of a contingency on the Korean Peninsula and hinted at the possibility that Japan might hold talks with South Korea about dispatching the SDF to the country for the rescue work.