Top doc leads fight against gynecologic cancer

Kyodo News

Surgeon Shingo Fujii, who heads a top national medical center in Japan, was recently named to lead an international organization fighting against uterine and ovarian cancers, which have been increasing worldwide.

“Gynecologic cancer treatment has not been standardized worldwide, including Japan,” said Fujii, who assumed the two-year presidency of the International Gynecologic Cancer Society on Oct. 25 at the group’s meeting in Prague.

“Treatment varies even in Europe and the United States, which appears to be taking the lead (in this area),” Fujii, 66, said in an interview in Kyoto ahead of officially taking the post he was elected to two years ago.

The first Asian to serve in the two-year post, he said, “In Asia and Africa, which have numerous cancer patients, people are especially hoping cancer care is upgraded.

“I’d like to distribute around the world instructive DVDs that contain everything from standard diagnostic and surgical methods as well as other care necessary for gynecologic cancer,” said Fujii, who serves as director of the National Hospital Organization Kyoto Medical Center.

“Then I hope to see a network created for young surgeons from various countries to communicate and share information so we can enhance cancer treatment and contribute to the well-being of women worldwide,” he said.

Fujii also said public support worldwide is needed for promoting vaccine for cervical cancer, which has been released in Japan but its use has not been increasing as fast as he had expected.

“Cervical cancer can be prevented considerably if the vaccine is given in the early teens,” he said.

Fujii is known for establishing a surgical method that limits bleeding by faithfully following intricate anatomical studies and made it possible to prevent urination problems among cervical cancer patients. He has been invited by gynecologists in various countries to show off the surgical skills he is known for.