Juliana’s revival draws thousands


A legendary disco from the early ’90s staged a one-day revival Saturday as hundreds of women dressed in sexy skin-tight outfits danced the night away in Tokyo’s Ariake district to commemorate the glory days of Juliana’s Tokyo.

The hall was stuffed to its full capacity of 3,000 shortly after opening at 6 p.m., leaving hundreds of people waiting outside for a chance to experience or relive the dance sensation that for many Tokyoites came to symbolize their happiest days.

The event was organized by Avex Entertainment Inc. for former fans of Juliana’s, which opened in the Tamachi district in 1991 and closed in 1994.

Young women, dressed in the iconic “body-conscious” clothes of the times, danced crazily, waving the feathery fans often seen as a symbol of the affluent “go-go” days of the late ’80s, early ’90s bubble economy.

All of Juliana’s original interior decorations were restored in Differ Ariake, including two “otachi-dai,” the tall rectangular stages preserved exclusively for women, the organizer said.