Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi on Monday criticized Michael Moore’s popular and controversial documentary “Fahrenheit 9/11,” which slams the administration of U.S. President George W. Bush.

Koizumi said, “I don’t want to watch such a politically biased movie that much.” Koizumi, known as a great lover of movies, said he has no plans to see the record-breaking documentary.

“Criticizing Bush or criticizing Koizumi, it’s no use just criticizing,” he said. “Constructive discussions (should take place) rather than criticisms.”

The film has made more than $100 million, the highest ever for a documentary, since opening in late June in the United States.

It takes a stab at Bush and his administration for leading the U.S. and its allies into war with Iraq under false pretenses in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks on the U.S. on Sept. 11, 2001.

Koizumi expressed support for the United States in the war against Iraq, and Japan has sent Self-Defense Forces troops to the country for postwar reconstruction efforts.

The film is scheduled to be released in Japan later this month.

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