Hoping to stimulate Japan’s auto market prior to the Tokyo Motor Show slated for next week, Mitsubishi Motors Corp., Nissan Motor Co. and Saab Japan announced their new models Oct. 13.Mitsubishi has announced that its new Chariot model, fully redesigned for the first time in about 6 1/2 years, will go on sale Oct. 17. The Chariot Grandis, a sport utility wagon, has a 2.4-liter Gasoline Direct Injection eco-engine, which reduces 20 percent more carbon dioxide emissions than regular gasoline engines and boasts improved fuel consumption. “Since the company first introduced the GDI engine last year, the accumulated production of this engine has so far reached 120,000,” said Takemune Kimura, president of Mitsubishi.By 2000, 85 percent of Mitsubishi’s models on the market are expected to have GDI engines, and by 2010, the company hopes all of its vehicles will, company officials said. Nissan also said that a fully remodeled Safari, a sport utility wagon with superior off-road performance, debuted in Japan on Oct. 13. It is available as a four-door wagon or a two-door hardtop, and Nissan has expanded the luggage space by 205 liters for a total storage capacity of 607 liters, the company said.SAAB Japan announced that its new four-door sedan 9-5 series will debut on the Japanese market Oct. 18. The 9-5 series models, with a 2.3-liter engine, will be sold between 4.5 million yen and 5.15 million yen. The company’s sales target for the 9-5 series models is 800 units annually, according to the company.

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