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一方で、高齢ドライバーによる重大事故は後を絶たない。内閣府は「高齢になるほど認知機能が低下し運転が難しくなる。外出手段をどう確保するかは重要な課題」と指摘している。 (KYODO)

Words and phrases

内閣府 (ないかくふ) Cabinet Office

60歳 (ろくじゅっさい) 60 years old

以上 (いじょう) over

~を対象(たいしょう)に targeting~

実施(じっし)する to conduct

調査 (ちょうさ) survey

回答(かいとう)する to respond

80歳 (はちじゅっさい) 80 years old

4人(よにん)に1人(ひとり) 1 in 4 people

車 (くるま) car

運転(うんてん)する to drive

結果 (けっか) result

出(で)る to come out

4日 (よっか) the 4th (a date)

分(わ)かる to reveal, to understand

高齢者 (こうれいしゃ) elderly

機会 (きかい) occasion, chance

小規模 (しょうきぼ) small-scale

市町村 (しちょうそん) cities, towns and villages

~ほど for~

多(おお)い many

電車 (でんしゃ) train

バス bus

~といった such as~

公共交通機関 (こうきょうこうつうきかん) public transportation service

限(かぎ)られる to be limited

買(か)い物(もの) shopping

通院 (つういん) hospital visit

など and others

欠(か)かせない indispensable

生活(せいかつ)の足(あし) means of transportation for daily life

裏付(うらづ)ける to confirm

一方(いっぽう)で meanwhile

ドライバー driver

~による by~

重大事故 (じゅうだいじこ) serious accident

~は後(あと)を絶(た)たない no sign of~, no end to~

~になるほど … になる become more … as~

認知機能 (にんちきのう) cognitive function

低下(ていか)する to decline

難(むずか)しくなる to become difficult

外出手段 (がいしゅつしゅだん) means to go out

どう how

確保(かくほ)する to secure

重要(じゅうよう)な important; major

課題 (かだい) challenge

指摘(してき)する to indicate

Quick questions

1) この調査では何が裏付けられましたか。

2) 高齢になるとなぜ運転が難しくなるのですか。

3) 「重要な課題」は何ですか。


A survey conducted by the Cabinet Office that targeted people aged 60 and over revealed that 1 in 4 people aged 80 and over responded they continue to drive, in results that came out on the 4th. Most seniors found an occasion to drive in smaller towns, cities and villages. In areas where public transportation services like trains and buses are limited, cars become an indispensable “means of transportation for daily life” for going shopping, visiting hospitals and so on, the survey confirmed.

Meanwhile, there seems to be no end in sight to serious accidents that involve elderly drivers in Japan. “Driving becomes more difficult as the cognitive functions of the elderly decline. How they secure a means to go out is a major challenge,” pointed out (an official from) the Cabinet Office.


1) What does the survey indicate?


In cities, towns and villages where public transportation services like trains and buses are limited, cars become indispensable tools for daily life.

2) Why does driving get more difficult with old age?


Because cognitive functions decline with age.

3) What is the “major challenge”?


Securing a mode of transportation when going out.

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