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Words and phrases

テニス tennis

女子 (じょし) women

シングルス singles

~日付け (~にちづけ) on ~(date)

世界(せかい)ランキング world ranking

1位 (いちい) No.1

~となる to become ~

大坂なおみ (おおさかなおみ) Naomi Osaka

選手 (せんしゅ) athlete

所属契約 (しょぞくけいやく) sponsorship deal

結ぶ (むすぶ) to have

日清食品(にっしんしょくひん)ホールディングス Nissin Foods Holdings Co.

広告動画 (こうこくどうが) video advertisement

登場する (とうじょうする) to appear

自身 (じしん) one’s own

アニメキャラクター animated character

実際 (じっさい) in reality

肌 (はだ) skin

色 (いろ) color

白く (しろく) as pale

表現される (ひょうげんされる) to be expressed as, to be depicted

議論 (ぎろん) dispute, controversy

起きる (おきる) to cause

削除する (さくじょする) to remove

~を受け (~をうけ) refer to~

私 (わたし) I

褐色 (かっしょく) tan

明白 (めいはく) obvious

意図的に (いとてきに) on purpose

ホワイトウオッシュ/白人化 (はくじんか) to whitewash

される to be done

~わけではない it’s not like ~

思う (おもう) to think

話す (はなす) to say

メルボルン Melbourne

開催される (かいさいされる) to be held

全豪(ぜんごう)オープン Australian Open

同日 (どうじつ) the same day

準決勝 (じゅんけっしょう) semifinal

勝つ (かつ) to win

後 (あと) after

記者会見 (きしゃかいけん) news conference

報道陣 (ほうどうじん) a group of reporters

質問 (しつもん) question

答える (こたえる) to answer

次 (つぎ) next

描く (えがく) to portray

時 (とき) time

話してほしい (はなしてほしい) to want someone to talk to me

語る (かたる) to say

Quick questions

1) なぜ広告動画に対して議論が起きたのですか。

2) 動画はその後どうなりましたか。



Tennis player Naomi Osaka, 21, who became No. 1 in the world ranking in women’s singles on the 28th, responded on the 24th to a dispute over the skin color of an animated character depicting her in a video advertisement created by Nissin Foods Holdings Co., with whom she has a sponsorship deal. The character was portrayed as being more pale-skinned than Osaka is in reality, causing a controversy to arise that led the company to remove the video from its website.

“I’m tan, it’s pretty obvious. … I don’t think they did it on purpose to be, like, whitewashing or anything,” she said. She made the comment when answering reporters’ questions at a news conference after winning the semifinal at the Australian Open in Melbourne the same day.

“But I definitely think that the next time they try to portray me or something, I feel like they should talk to me about it,” she said.


1) Why did a controversy arise over a video advertisement?


Because (in it athlete Naomi) Osaka’s skin color appeared paler than it is in reality.

2) Afterward, what happened to the video?


They were removed from the website.

3) What did Osaka request of the sponsor?

次に描く時に相談すること 。

To talk to her the next time it portrays her.

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