Exploring the nation’s tea and rice cuisine

Arigato.kitchen presents its first book, “Chazuke” (¥1,200), an inside look at traditional Japanese recipes, ingredients and regional attractions. As the book aims to introduce both Japanese and international readers into the culinary art of , a bowl of rice with tea poured over it and topped with various ingredients, from all 47 prefectures, “Chazuke” is bilingual with an English translation next to every Japanese text.

The book starts each section by giving readers a brief background on the prefecture the recipe comes from. It then goes on to describe the unique features of the region’s kitchens, as well as local landmarks and points of interest. “Chazuke” also contains beautiful, mouth-watering pictures of regional delicacies accompanied by short, easy-to-follow recipes, making the reading even more immersive. The book also provides insights and ideas for preparing interesting seasonal dishes. The book is great for bigger groups as well, as it contains many delectable dishes that go well with sake or tea.

International readers are encouraged to keep the book handy the next time they visit Japan, as it can also serve as a helpful travel guide. With “Chazuke,” nobody will have any trouble deciding what to eat, no matter which part of the archipelago they are in.