Seeing both the wood and the trees

Moctave's range of wooden furniture should get any hipster, nature-lover or slow-lifestyle design enthusiast excited. In short, it's wood porn of the highest quality.

Established last November, Moctave locally sources 30 kinds of wood from Gifu Prefecture and hand crafts everything it makes. The stand-alone works — a chair, stool and small table — are understated with a hint of 1960s Nordic simplicity, but it's the latest Ostinato series that really pulls out all the stops. Made from at least eight types of timber — including maple, walnut, cherry, zelkova and oak — each Ostinato piece's parquet effect highlights the subtle contrasts of different wood grains and tones. Gaps in the parquetry also allow light through the works, with glass shelving and tabletops adding an ethereal quality.