As 2014 truly kicks in, On:Design’s favorites are coming up with the goods


Arita porcelain’s new “Standard”

Teruhiro Yanagihara’s work has been highlighted many a time in this column, and for good reason: He has perfected a beautifully clean, pared-down aesthetic sense.

His latest TY “Standard” pottery series for the 1616/Arita Japan brand (which he is also creative director of) uses traditional Arita porcelain techniques as its base but with a modified clay recipe, resulting in more durable pieces that remain unstained, even if unglazed.

The collection is designed to be versatile and so includes small plates that double as lids, while its larger plates can be used as trays.

Prices in the TY “Standard” series start at ¥525 (a small square plate), and the collection includes mugs, cups, and bowls and plates of all sizes, both round and square. A large square bowl costs ¥3,999.

Some of the range can be purchased from the Caina online shop and they are available in unglazed gray or white.

1616/Arita Japan: www.1616arita.jp/en
Caina: www.caina.jp/brands/view/424

Sometimes it’s the little things


Here’s a new furniture collection to tempt those with space concerns. Torafu Architects has collaborated with furniture maker Hida Sangyo on the cobrina collection. The name “cobrina” is derived from “koburi-na,” which means “small size” and implies compactness.

All of the pieces in the collection are on the petite side, with rounded edges that give them a gentle look.

Chairs range in price from ¥34,650 to ¥50,400, benches ¥39,900 to ¥71,400, tables ¥84,000 to ¥105,000, and there are a few smaller matching items, such as cushions, shelves and a hanger stand.

Cushions and one of the chairs also comes in a peacock blue, which adds a beautiful accent to the wooden forms.

Torafu Architects: torafu.com
Hida Sangyo: www.kitutuki.co.jp/products/cobrina.html

Nendo moves on to stationery

As the year kicks in, it’s time for us to stock up on new stationery, and there are lots of options now that Nendo is launching its very own stationery brand: by | n.

The debut lineup comprises everything you need for the desk and includes innovative designs, such as a pen that doubles as a stylus for tablets, recyclable paper clips that are made of paper, and an attractive, highly original, 3-D cubic elastic band.

Items are priced from ¥400 (for “circle tag” sticky notes) up to ¥3,800 (for a “peel” pen case) and the lineup launches later this week at Loft in Tokyo’s Shibuya Ward. It will also be available online from Mark’s starting next week, with a national rollout planned for later this month and international exports starting in April.

Nendo: nendo.jp
Mark’s: www.marks.jp/en/shop/#online

I’mD stacks up the trash

Tokyo dwellers are well aware of the strict recycling rules of each city ward and of the need for contraptions that can keep recyclables separate and manageable. Sumie Noda’s Kcud Stack Box, designed for the I’mD brand, is ideal for those who also have limited space.

As its name implies, this is a series of boxes that have been designed so that the lids can still be opened when they are stacked on top of each other. Available in the same four colors most of the I’mD range comes in (beige, blue-green, white and brown), each Kcud Stack Box is ¥2,940 and can be purchased from the Koncent webstore.


Hooked on a APY’s new product

APY’s Dot Hook and Line Hook have solved that really annoying problem of trying to remove strong double-sided tape every time you want to change the decor and take down a temporary hook.

On the back of both these hooks, you’ll find an innovative sticky sheet that works well on smooth and flat surfaces (glass, metal, wood). When you want to change things up, simply spray water onto the hooks, wait a while and they will become easy to remove. You can then reuse the hooks elsewhere.

The round Dot Hook is ¥735 and the rectangular Line Hook is ¥840. Both can be ordered from the Koncent webstore and they come in the following colors: beige, black, green, silver, orange, yellow and white.

Dot: www.koncent.jp/?pid=69844985
Line: www.koncent.jp/?pid=69844526

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