We love the idea of things that clip together, so Nendo’s new Clip Collection for Italian brand Discipline immediately caught our attention.

The line includes a table with a glass top that appears to be “clipped” to its frame base and a coat rack is composed of three bars that look like they’ve been slotted together. Of the collection, though, our favorite is the candle holder. Its base is made up of a cross of strips of metal, its four prongs bent upward into different shapes. The top ends of the prongs become a clip for the candle, which looks like it’s floating in the stand.

But there is some bad news. Though Nendo is a Japanese designer, Discipline is based in Italy and their products are not yet distributed in Japan. Here’s hoping they will be sometime soon.

Discipline: www.discipline.eu.

Ready for a spring JetClean?

Balmuda is a regular in this column, and for good reason. Not only has the company released a steady lineup of eco-friendly products, but it has also always managed to make them look far better than the competition.

The JetClean air purifier is no exception: It has a compact, clean minimal design that offers more suction than the average device. And hay fever sufferers will be happy to hear that it is strong enough to remove pollen from the air.

The original JetClean is white with a black grill, but a limited White x Gray version will also be available from March. Both are priced at ¥46,800 and can be ordered from the Japanese section of Balmuda’s website.

Balmuda: www.balmuda.com.

This little piggy stayed at home

In the recent months of bitter cold, hot meals can make all the difference, and nothing warms up a dinner table like a traditional Japanese nabe hot pot. Cooking a hotpot at the table, though, can get messy, which is where Marna’s funny little Piggy Steamer comes in handy.

Light, practical and rather silly looking (which is why we like it), the Piggy Steamer is a silicone cover with pig ears, tail and nostrils. It sits directly on top of an open pot of food and prevents splattering as liquids boil. The steam escapes, rather entertainingly, through the pig’s nostrils. It’s microwavable, can double as a grip for hard-to-open jars and it’s a Good Design Award winner. Available in various colors, it costs ¥1,050 and can be purchased from Marna’s online store. If fun in the kitchen is your thing, browse through Marna’s online store — it’s a great resource for other amusing home utensils.

Marna: www.marna-inc.co.jp.

Racking up some coat stands

If Nendo’s Clip Collection coat rack for Discipline is a bit too bulky for you, Koichi Futsumata’s 4FB, for E&Y might be more your style.

The “FB” stands for “flat bars,” which is what Futsumata has called the strips that make up his design.

Made of only four flat bars, the hooks and legs of the 4FB are formed by bends in each of the strips.

Simple, sleek and strong, the 4FB will be released in March and is priced at ¥39,900. It’s available in black, silver and brown, and will be stocked in stores that carry E&Y products, such as the E&Y Showroom/Studio, Cibone Aoyama, and Living Motif (all in Tokyo).

E&Y: www.eandy.com

Kids’ bowls, clean tables

The best design goods for kids are usually the ones that also appeal to adults, which is how Nosigner approached its concept for this series of dishes for children. Nosigner’s spill-resistant bowls for the kid-friendly brand Aeru are not only easy for kids to use, but they’ll also look at home on any design-conscious person’s dining table.

The handmade bowls are available in three sizes and in three types of traditional Japanese material: Otani pottery, Ishikawa lacquered wood and Tobe porcelain.

The innovation is on the inside of the bowls. Each one has a protruding ring that kids can use to push food onto their spoons. This helps prevent bits dropping on the table as the kids aim for their mouth.

Available to buy from Aeru’s website, the bowls can be purchased separately or as sets. Prices vary from ¥2,500 for the smallest Tobe ware bowl, to ¥5,000 for the largest lacquered bowl.

Aeru: www.a-eru.co.jp.
Nosigner: www.nosigner.com..

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