Japan-based Cerevo has carved out an interesting business niche for itself as a provider of live-video-streaming hardware, most notably its Live Shell device released last year. That device enabled aspiring Internet broadcasters to stream live video directly from a camera to the Web without the need for a PC. And now this year, Live Shell is getting an HD upgrade with Cerevo's Live Shell Pro, expected to go on sale in October.

One of the drawbacks of using streaming from a personal computer is that sometimes your stream might not be stable, or you might suddenly lose your connection. Cerevo boasts that one of the main selling points of its Live Shell devices is that they can do stable broadcasts for long periods of time, even non-stop streams (24 x 7) when you use the AC adaptor.

A wide range of people could make use of LiveShell Pro, including musicians, podcasters, or even professional media organizations for on-the-spot event coverage. In the latter case, one of the big advantages of this device is the ability to take your live stream on the road, as the built-in rechargeable battery allows you to stream for three hours. The LiveShell Pro weighs just 300 grams and fits in the palm of your hand (123 mm x 90 mm x 26 mm), so when attached to a portable camcorder, a broadcaster would be able to send high-definition video to the Web from practically anywhere as long as they have an Internet connection. LiveShell Pro can connect to the Web via ethernet, a USB port (for 3G/4G adaptors), or Wi-Fi.