At the Eco Products 2010 show last weekend, Sony proudly displayed a new 13.3-inch plastic substrate e-paper prototype.

While the company was not willing to disclose many details about the technology, it does use E Ink Corp.'s electronic paper technology. Unfortunately we have no idea when the company plans to bring this to consumers, though it is exciting to see Sony as one of the players trying to bring these thinner, flexible and ostensibly more durable displays to the masses.

Sony was also showing off next- generation e-reader mockups which could potentially be the form-factor that would house their flexible displays in the future. Among them were a tablet device, a foldable book-like reader, as well as an intriguing wristband display that wraps around the wearer's arm. As futuristic as these prototypes are, Sony has been showing them for some time now. They first made an appearance at CEATEC back in October 2009.