Hiroko Tsunoda-Shimizu, age 46, is director of the Department of Radiology at St. Luke's International Hospital in Tokyo, where she works with a team of 15 other doctors and 50 radiology technologists diagnosing and trying to eradicate various types of diseases. Tsunoda-Shimizu has been researching breast cancer since 1990 and specializes in mammograms and ultrasounds as a diagnostic radiologist at the Breast Center in St. Luke's. But while she loves decoding medical photos of her patients, she has no explanation for the mysteries of love that have kept her marriage picture-perfect for the last 19 years.

Marriage is a society of two, and the rules are different for each couple. My husband and I both work from early morning till late at night at the hospital, so we go on dinner dates almost daily and then go back to work some more.

It is impossible to do everything. I don't stress over cleaning and cooking. I leave the house as it is for a week and we really do not care if it is a little messy or not. Cleaning can wait — there are so many healthy and delicious dishes at department basement stores that there is no reason to cook.