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Sahni Manmohan Singh

Vaishali Travels Japan Co.

Date of birth: May 1, 1959

Hometown: New Delhi

Number of years in Japan (cumulative): 38 (as of August 2019)

Sahni Manmohan Singh
Q1: What was your first encounter with Japan?

When I was in middle school, my older brother went to Japan as a student and I heard many good things about Japan from him. I was 21 when I came to Japan as a trainee and worked in a Japanese company. I was the only foreigner, so I learned the language and adopted Japanese habits quickly. I have become a fan of Japanese culture, food and its people.

Q2: Please state your motto in life and why you have chosen it.

My motto in life is very simple — work hard with sincerity and do not regret or repent rather learn from mistakes. I try to be happy in all the conditions and try to laugh even in worst conditions. I try to do my best but never expect from others. I find enjoyment in (the) smaller things in life.

Q3 : Over your career, what achievement are you the proudest of?

A proud moment for me was when I met Mother Teresa in Kolkata and spent the whole day with her in 1983. The most satisfying thing for me is when my clients come back and share feedback on their great time in India due to our staff, guides, drivers and our personalized service. That appreciation keeps me working hard.

Q4 : What are your goals during your time in Japan, your current position or in life?

My goal was to create a company that specializes in Japanese tourists in India that takes care of the needs of each customer. I could succeed in providing the best services by training the best Japanese-speaking guides and kind, gentle drivers. The other goal was to create an awareness of India in Japan; I am glad there are lots of fans of India now, and a great number of repeaters in our company.

Q5 : What wisdom, advice or tips can you give to people living and working in Japan?

My suggestion for the young is to travel to other countries as much as you can as a backpacker. It really helps in the later stages of life. Suggestions for working in Japan are to learn the language, but more than that, understand the feelings of Japanese. Be patient as it takes time to be trusted in Japan, but when you are trusted it becomes very easy to work (in Japan). Instead of forcing your culture and ideas, try to adjust to their culture and respect their feelings and values.

Last updated: Aug 5, 2019