The group exhibition "Les Mains Sans Sommeil" ("The Sleepless Hands") at Maison Hermes is an ode to handiwork. Curator Gael Charbau, in an introductory video on the show, says that it sprang from the thought that "both artists and artisans have a point in common, which is that sometimes, the hand executes actions whereas the mind can do something else."

The exhibits are the outcome of residencies at Hermes own workshops, and wrestle with beauty and desire in experimental ways that expensive knicks-knacks do not usually do.

Bianca Argimon's triptych "West of Eden," which features a colored drawing reminiscent of Bosch's "Garden of Earthly Delights," was created from a residency at Hermes' textile workshops. Argimon portrays Adam and Eve engaged in different contemporary vices, such as urinating on the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and abusing a whale. This design is recreated using four monochrome muslin layers of cyan, magenta, yellow and black, creating a blurred, ghostly version of the original image.