Zombie-chang "Koi no Vacances EP" (Omake Club)

In 2013, 18-year-old singer-songwriter Zombie-chang released her debut, "Atashi wa Nan Desu Ka," via the label UK.Project. Describing herself as "anti-folk" and "anti-EDM," Zombie-chang (real name: Meirin Yung), twisted these genres on their heads, creating an aggressive and emotional work.

Nearly two years after her debut, Zombie-chang has returned with "Koi no Vacances EP," which is strikingly different from its predecessor. The acoustic sounds and caterwauling of "Atashi wa Nan Desu Ka" ("What Am I?") are nowhere to be found on this release, replaced by a more conventional electro-pop sound reminiscent of Canadian artist Grimes.

The title track has a languid, new wave quality that is punched up by a kicky drum, but the real gem is "Summer time." It's similar to "Koi no Vacances," but Zombie-chang's borderline rap delivery gives it a hip-hop vibe. The heavier drums also help, but don't go overboard to the point of making "Summer time" sound like hip-hop parody.

The tsunbame and Ukr remixes slow down Zombie-chang's original versions for a hazy effect that's the perfect finale to summer.

"Koi no Vacances EP" is available for download via the Omake Club website at www.omake-club.com.