Most people in Japan are familiar with Tokyo’s Akihabara district and its fame as the center of otaku culture. Few, however, may know about Otome Road in the Ikebukuro area, which caters to a clientele of predominantly female otaku. Just around the corner from Otome Road is Namja Town, a dining amusement park that is collaborating with the game-brand Otomate in hosting Otomate in Namja Town 2014.

This event features special attractions and dishes based on characters of the Otomate games “Amnesia,” “Diabolik Lovers,” “Shinobi, Koi Utsusu,” “Norn9” and “Hakuoki SSL.” There are 16 types of event-specific foods, including — in the Namja Gyoza Stadium section — unusual ham rolls, nut-sauce dumplings on rice and cutesy pink-and-white “school life” dumplings. The Fukubukuro Dessert Yokocho area offers a “sweet assassin” gelato, the aptly coffin-shaped “bloodsucking rose” and more.

Mini games and attractions, such as Otomate Garapon and Labyrinth of Love, provide opportunities to win prizes of pin badges, illustrated photographs and wrapping cloths, while original goods can be found in the gift shop.

Otomate in Namja Town 2014 is a good start for curious gamers, but has plenty to interest others and offers an alternative menu to Namja Town’s usual fare.

“Otomate in Namja Town 2014” takes place at Namja Town in Sunshine City in Ikebukuro till July 6; open 10 a.m.-10 p.m. Admission is ¥500 for entry only or ¥3,000 for a Namja Passport, which includes unlimited attractions. Night passes (entry after 5 p.m.) are also available for ¥2,000. Admission does not include food or drinks and some attractions require additional fees. For more information, visit bit.ly/nmt0627

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