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Take a country stroll in Kobe

by Magdalena Osumi

Staff Writer

One of the best ways to improve overall health is to take at least 10,000 steps a day, but getting into the habit isn’t always so easy. Rokkosan Country House’s Two-Day Walk, an event hosted at a small farm at the top of Mount Rokko in Kobe’s Nada Ward in Hyogo Prefecture and nearby locations, could be a pleasant way to start.

For ¥500 a day, participants can select one out of seven routes of three levels of difficulty. Experienced long-distance walkers can take part in 8-km or 16-km walks, while families with children and beginners have choices of 2.5-km or 4-km courses.

All participants are required to meet at one of the following locations — the entrance to the Ikutagawa Park, Fukada-Ike Park, Rokkosan Country House or Rokkosan Rokko Cable Sanjo Station. The trails will take them to various attractions, including Rokkosan Miyoshi Kannon (a statue of the goddess of mercy) and Rokkosan Kinen Hidai.

Rokkosan Country House park is abundant with nature and recreational activities, many of which can be enjoyed along the trail to the finishing point of Rokkosan Country House. Gifts will also be given to participants who make it to the finish line.

Rokkosan Country House’s Two-Day Walk takes place on May 24 and 25, from around 9 a.m. on both days and is hosted at the Rokkosan Country House and nearby venues. Start and walking times vary depending on the distance. Participation is ¥500 per day. Children aged 4 or younger can join for free. For more information call 078-891-0366 or visit

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