Mechademia 8. Tezuka Osamu: Manga Life


Staff Writer

“Mechademia” is an annual journal that gathers academic writing on manga, anime and games as well as on a broad range of activities related to popular culture in Japan, such as cosplay. In the eighth and most recent volume, however, the essays zero in on the so-called godfather of manga, Osamu Tezuka.

Mechademia 8. Tezuka Osamu: Manga Life, by Edited by Frenchy Lunning.
University of Minnesota, Academic.

Tezuka’s impact on both Japan’s pop-cultural output and its reception globally is explored here using essays and other artists manga on Tezuka himself.

Contributors include manga artists such as Anno Moyoko, otaku (geek) expert Patrick W. Galbraith and Frederik L. Schodt, who translated many of Tezuka’s works.