Print show profits to fund scholarships


Staff Writer

One of Japan’s most respected exhibitions of prints takes place this weekend, as the Tokyo American Club plays host to the College Women’s Association of Japan’s annual print show.

The star of the 57th CWAJ Print Show will be Hideshi Yoshida, a 43-year-old who creates woodblock prints and wood engravings. Yoshida became interested in printmaking in his teens. An earlier encounter with the work of M.C. Escher had opened his mind to the possibilities of artwork as optical illusion, so he soon decided to create prints in style of Escher.

At the CWAJ show, Yoshida will display a complex work depicting a knight breaking free from a cubic prison.

Each of the 201 prints on display at the exhibition will be available for purchase, with all funds raised going to the various scholarship programs that the College Women’s Association of Japan operates in order to provide overseas study opportunities to women and visually impaired students. The association was established in 1949 by a group of alumni from American women’s colleges with the aim of helping Japanese women get ahead.

This year the concurrent Associate Show will feature work by Yumeka Fujita, Tomohiko Maeno, Naoto Okuyama and Kouseki Ono.

The 57th CWAJ Print Show will be held at the Tokyo American Club in Minato-ku, Tokyo, on Oct. 19-21. Admission is free. For more information, visit www.cwaj.org or email printshow@cwaj.org .