“Sweet Memory: Even For Fairy Tale Princes”

Kyoto Art Center


For many people, sweet foods such as candy, cakes and snacks, are a source of comfort and happiness. In “sweet memory: Even for Fairy Tale Princes” at the Kyoto Art Center, four artists present unique works exploring such sweet tastes and memories.

Tokyo native Chelin (b. 1967), for example, uses a wedding-cake motif in an eggs-and-sugar work that looks like a group of rising towers. Koshi Kawachi (b. 1973) makes humorous pieces using familiar Japanese snack foods, one of which, “Umai-Butsu,” is a series of Buddhist sculptures carved out of corn snacks. Two other artists, Tomoko Hayashi (b. 1980) and Yuko Uryu (b. 1983) also create works related to food; till Sept. 11.

Kyoto Art Center; (075) 213-1000; 546-2 Yamabushiyama-cho, Muromachi-dori Takoyakushi Kudaru, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi; 5-min. walk from Shijo Station, Karasuma Line, or from Karasuma Station, Hankyu Kyoto Line. 10 a.m.-8 p.m. Admission free. www.kac.or.jp.