Akihabara set to celebrate its denizens


Akihabara, Tokyo’s main electronics hub, is preparing for a flood of manga and animation enthusiasts ahead of this year’s Akihabara Enta-Matsuri.

The festival will be held to offer information about manga, anime, games, movies and more. It’s aim is to promote Japanese pop culture and new digital technology.

Divided into different themes; the Comic and Paperback Festival; the Game Festival; the Blue-Ray Festival; the Anime DVD and CD Festival; the Hobby Festival and the DTB Festival (digital terrestrial broadcasting equipment), the 2009 Enta-Matsuri hopes to bring out droves of otaku (obsessive fans). Last year’s event claims to have attracted more than 167,000 visitors to the area.

There will also be different events featuring a comic exhibition, a comic symposium and several stage presentations.

Participating comic and book stores will hold autograph sessions featuring popular artists.

Lottery tickets will be given to shoppers who buy products from participating stores during the festival period, with the promise of luxurious presents given away as prizes.

“Akihabara Enta-Matsuri 2009” runs from Oct. 17-25 at AKIBA_SQUARE, Tokyo Anime Center, UDX Theater and various establishments in Akihabara. For more information, please visit www.entama.com or www.cofesta.jp/2009/en/event/akihabara.html