Teppei Hayashi
Academic adviser, 37 (Japanese)
It seems like Abe is waiting to decide what Japan is going to do based on Trump’s direction. We are an independent nation, so if there is an agenda that we should be focused on, we should work on it regardless of which way the U.S. is going to go.

Tina Saunders
Academic (American)
Prime Minister Abe is taking the approach that “We need to have a strong relationship with the U.S.” That’s always going to be more beneficial than not. Being able to continue that relationship is going to be critical to how the U.S. approaches issues happening in Japan

Howard Kelsey
Flight attendant and U.S. Army veteran, 26 (American)
Maybe the import taxes might go up under President Trump. That wouldn’t be a shock. I don’t think — there probably won’t be — any immigration issues. I don’t foresee any immigration issues.

Ryo Wulf
Student, 21 (Japanese)
Unless Trump really directly conflicts with Japan, I think there won’t be any changes, because we’re not the type of country that would make demos about other countries being s—-, as it’s none of our business. It’s not like in America, where it’s actually happening.

Maximilian Hesse
Model, 21 (German)
I never thought Trump would actually win. It really worries me for the election in Germany. I think we all have to do something together — not just complain but stand up and protect women, Mexicans and all those who are actually affected negatively.

Baxter Townsend
PR, 26 (American)
There’ll probably be really high taxes on Japanese imports. I don’t think Trump has a great understanding of how cars are made, where they are assembled in many different places. He’s already annoying China — there’ll probably be conflict in the South China Sea.

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